Bitcoin Projects Working at Pleb Lab

Bitcoin Projects Working at Pleb Lab


Stacker.News is reinventing how News and Community is delivered across the world using the Bitcoin network over Lightning. Its founder is Keyan.


Zaprite is a web app that allows anyone to create beautiful, customized invoices that can be paid with Bitcoin, Lightning, Liquid, Tether or credit/debit cards. Its founder is John.


Oshi helps local businesses and consumers leverage the bitcoin network to empower their community. Oshi helps passionate bitcoiners from all over the world turn their town or city into the next Bitcoin Beach. Its founder is Michael.


Hoseki is building towards a world where Bitcoin is the global standard for money, and proving reserves is secure and easy. Its founder is Sam

Dusty a Bitcoin Lightning dev, working on splicing! GitHub


Thomas Q. Johns founder of MoonBase5 is reimagining a system that helps communities find their greatness. They offer ways to get more bitcoin to everyday people. Everyone should be able to go to the moon.

Super Testnet

Bitcoin Developer Super Testnet

Lightning Escrow

Tristan founder of Lightning Escrow. Lightning-fast escrow at a fraction of the cost. Using the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

Car González

Car González

Austin, Texas