Car González
July 31, 2023

A Week of Global Engagement with NostrDevs: Build a Social Network from Scratch Course

07/30/2023 11:00 AM - PlebLab is grateful for the global engagement in the first week following the launch of our NostrDevs: Build a Social Network from Scratch course, which has already reached learners in 52 countries, sparked interest across multiple platforms, and helped expand our total student count to 429 devs, marking a significant step in our mission to foster a broader understanding and use of Bitcoin, Lightning and Nostr.

Our team at PlebLab is grateful for the warm reception to our recently launched NostrDevs: Build a Social Network from Scratch course. This comprehensive guide to mastering the Nostr protocol has sparked curiosity and inspired learning among a diverse audience.

Navigating the Future

Our NostrDevs: Build a Social Network from Scratch course is designed for a broad audience – from individuals fascinated by the potential of decentralized systems to tech hobbyists interested in exploring novel protocols. With a hands-on teaching approach by our dedicated instructors, Super Testnet, Topher Scott, and Captain Stacks, we aim to make learning about the Nostr protocol as engaging and enjoyable as possible.

Our course aims to equip builders with the skills and knowledge to construct censorship-resistant networks. This journey explores a spectrum of essential subjects, from the bedrock principles of the Nostr protocol to the practicalities of creating a Nostr-based Reddit clone. A remarkable highlight of our curriculum includes the features that Clovyr provided. Central to our curriculum is Clovyr, a browser-based ecosystem that empowers individuals and teams to run software in their cloud accounts and beyond. Its user-friendly interface requires no expert technical knowledge, making the transition to decentralized apps smooth and straightforward. Clovyr's dedication to privacy, security, choice, and user experience was especially valuable in Lesson 7: Machine-to-Machine. The seamless functioning of Clovyr in this lesson underpinned a clear comprehension and practical implementation of machine-to-machine interactions. This integration amplified the learning experience and demonstrated the wide-ranging potential of the Clovyr platform.

At PlebLab, we aim to foster a broader understanding and use of Bitcoin and Nostr. We sincerely appreciate the global engagement we've seen for the NostrDevs course, and it's a small but significant step towards achieving our mission. We look forward to continuing to support the growth and evolution of decentralized social networking together with our growing community of learners.

International Reception

The course, which was launched a week ago, has seen a fascinating level of international engagement. Our user statistics on Udemy alone have shown a reach extending across 52 countries, with the majority of learners hailing from the United States (57.6%), Canada and the United Kingdom (4.9% each), Brazil (4.7%), and Germany (2.3%).

There's been a notable interest in the course, not just from English-speaking countries, with course content consumed in 14 languages. The majority is in English (88.6%), followed by Portuguese (3.3%), Spanish / Castilian (2.6%), German (1.9%), and Dutch / Flemish (1.2%).

Welcoming Engagement and Sales

We are grateful for the interest our course has received on several platforms. Seeing 20 purchases on the Nostr Marketplace Magic Webstore leveraging Nostr & Lightning and eight-course sales on Oshi with an average of 2K sats back has been rewarding.

Moreover, our promo video on Twitter and Nostr gained over 80K views, with 35K sats zapped. This is an encouraging sign of interest and enthusiasm for our new course.

The Udemy Boom

Udemy, the widely recognized learning platform, surprisingly launched the course on Friday of the release week. Despite this unexpected launch, the course experienced a high influx of interested learners, with 262 people landing on the course page. We saw an impressive 14.12% conversion rate, with around half of the visitors being directed from the platform's discovery feature.

Since its launch on Udemy, there have been 49 enrollments, and the course received an impressive 4.77 rating. Currently, PlebLab's NostrDevs: Build a Social Network from Scratch course is the only Nostr Development course available on Udemy, filling a critical educational gap for this revolutionary protocol.

Adding our previously successful PlebDev Course I: Building a Lightning App to the mix, we proudly announce that 429 students have taken a PlebLab course. We hope this demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing high-quality entry-level educational content in this exciting field.

You can still purchase the course on the Oshi app with sats back and on Udemy.

Car González

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