Car González
October 21, 2021

First Transmission from Pleb Lab

10/21/2021 11:23 AM - We launched a new site and we are excited to announce the Bitcoin projects and Bitcoin developers that are working out of Pleb Lab.

Where to even begin. Everyone already knows what’s going on in Austin right now. Bitcoin is taking over. Let’s start by giving credit where credit is due. Parker Lewis and the team at Unchained Capital are undeniably responsible for the unbelievable growth of the Bitcoin scene. There is no one who has done more to get Bitcoiners to Austin than Parker, and for that, the community will forever be grateful.

This is where the Pleb Lab story really begins. Having a bunch of Bitcoiners in a city together is great. Having a bunch of Bitcoiners in a city together, highly organized and active, that's legendary. We need Bitcoiners working together, building together, growing together. That is our mission at Pleb Lab. What began as a social club has expanded into something aimed at providing the resources for the development of the remnant.

The Bitcoin community is one of the smartest, hardest working, and most passionate groups of people in the entire world. And right now, right here in Austin, we’re organizing some of the best and brightest amongst them to collaborate on projects that will forever change the financial landscape of the world. It is our profound pleasure to introduce each and every one of the members working here at Pleb Lab. Don’t sleep on these individuals and this team. The revolution has only just begun.

Learn more about the individuals and projects working at Pleb Lab.

Super Testnet, The Bitcoin Company, Impervious, Hoseki, Jamie Stuckert, Voltage, Zaprite, Bitcoin Frankie, Oshi and Stacker.News

Car González

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