Car González
February 2, 2022

Introducing #SATSx

02/02/2022 11:39 AM - #SATSx: Open and organized for everyone in the Bitcoin community. Where hosts, contributors, and Plebs collide.

Texas is a state with a storied past. It’s a beautiful story filled with heroes who fought to build and secure a prosperous place for freedom-loving God-fearing men and women. Austin, the city at the heart of the state, is a funky place filled with a soul that breaks from conservative tradition to bring vibrancy to the state's culture. That spirited culture is perfectly captured yearly in an event known as SXSW, commonly referred to as South By.

The first SXSW was back in 1989 started by a couple misfits from the Austin Chronicle.

It’s been 33 years since that legendary event began. What was once a small music city has begun to transform into something new. It’s become the world’s capital for Bitcoin, a technology that perfectly aligns with the break from traditions that made Austin a cultural hub.

With SXSW fast approaching and Bitcoiners getting more organized than ever, it became clear to many that it was time to rethink how we celebrate our unique place within Texas tradition. After many conversations within Pleb Lab, the Austin Bitcoin Club, BitDevs, Unchained Capital, and Bitcoiner Commons, we decided it was time to create the signal for Bitcoiners everywhere that this is the Mecca.

#SATSxSW will run on a Bitcoin Clock this year from March 10-20th.

Thus #SATSx was born. We sincerely hope that #SATSx will find its place in the annals of time as the event that began a true celebration of all things Bitcoin, not only in Austin but for the world abroad. We look forward to seeing the community rally together each year in Austin to commemorate another year of growth, friendship, and fostering of a community that’s set to revolutionize our very way of life.

Here’s to the rule breakers, the misfits, not the status quo. Here’s to the Plebs!

Built by the Plebs for the Plebs.

Car González

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