Car González
November 17, 2022

#SATSx hackathon in March 17th - 19th

In March of 2022, the Bitcoin community in Austin introduced a new event, #SATSx, held in conjunction with SXSW. The event aims to showcase the latest developments and innovations in the world of Bitcoin and decentralization and foster community collaboration and networking. Since its inception, #SATSx has helped to spur growth in the number of Bitcoin developers, enthusiasts, and businesses living in Austin.

The SATSx Hackathon is one of the highlights of the now dubbed #SATSx week, occurring on March 18th-19th, 2023. It provides an opportunity for developers and startups to showcase their skills and ideas and to compete for a prize pool of over 45 million sats. The hackathon will also feature mentorship from experienced developers and experts, who will be available to provide guidance and support to participants throughout the event.

Overall, SATSx Hackathon is an exciting opportunity for anyone interested in developing on the powerful Lightning network and looking to learn, collaborate and showcase their ideas while also being part of Austin's vibrant bitcoin culture.

Details of the Full Schedule have been released. Registration is limited.
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Car González

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