Car González
May 15, 2023

TABConf Hackathon: A Convergence of Open Source, Lightning, and Community Building

05/15/2023 02:00 PM - Unleashing Innovation at TABConf 2023 Hackathon with Bitcoin, Lightning Network, Nostr, and AI brought to you by PlebLab and Emeralize this September 6th - 9th in Atlanta, GA.

TABConf 2023, A Technical Bitcoin Conference, is kicking off in Atlanta this September. As part of this unique event, we're excited to announce a PlebLab x Emeralize Hackathon focused on Bitcoin, the Lightning network, Nostr, and AI. We hope to foster innovation, encourage collaboration, and facilitate the creation of cutting-edge projects that harness the power of these groundbreaking technologies.

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Connect with the Best Minds in Bitcoin at TABConf 2023

At TABConf, you can meet just about anybody, from seasoned core devs, lightning application devs, and emerging plebs from Bitcoin. With four days of learning, including Builder days and Workshops, TABConf 2023 is an important educational event in Bitcoin. Join the Bitcoin community for a chance to learn how to contribute to open-source Bitcoin projects and gain expert insights at developer-focused workshops. Immerse yourself in the Bitdevs Socratic Village, PlebDev Village, NextGen Village, or the Shadowy Super Coders and Gamers Village. 

The Prize Pool

🚀 We aim to raise a total prize pool of $5,000 in Bitcoin. Participants must also sign up to register with a buy-in of 25,000 sats, adding a competitive edge to the event and increasing the prize pool.

Hackathon Categories and Schedule

The Hackathon will commence at the beginning of the conference on September 6th. After registering with your team name, and team selection, participants will dive into execution. The event will culminate with pitches, judging, and announcing the top three winners on the main stage on September 9th. We will be opening up registration soon ahead of the conference. Stay informed with our newsletter and follow us on Meetup.

Reap the Rewards

In addition to the Bitcoin prize, the winning teams will receive an exclusive TabConf hackathon trophy, and we are working on adding more value soon tba. Furthermore, their projects will be promoted and championed, amplifying their impact on the community.

PlebLab is proud to be a community sponsor at this years TabConf 2023

Open Source Spirit and Empowering Developers

Our Hackathon embraces the open-source ethos, valuing community feedback to foster innovation. With that said, please leave feedback on GitHub, as we're enthusiastic about providing a platform for developers to showcase their talents, share their projects, and contribute. To help attendees hit the ground running, emeralize offers a wealth of course content. Whether you're a novice exploring no-code solutions or a seasoned coder ready to script on the Lightning Network or Nostr,  resources cater to all skill levels and time commitments. Look out for more content dropping soon!

We're currently looking for sponsorship for the Hackathon. If you or your company are interested, please get in touch. Let's make this happen together!

Car González

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