Car González
July 25, 2023

Welcome to PlebBook: Your Resource for Bitcoin and Lightning Development

07/25/2023 11:00 AM - PlebBook is a community resource for aspiring developers and builders to learn and get involved with the Bitcoin Lightning ecosystem.

Greetings, Builders! PlebBook, is a comprehensive community resource designed to support and enlighten aspiring developers and builders venturing into the exciting Bitcoin and Lightning ecosystem world. Consider this platform your builders manual, curated exclusively for Bitcoin and Lightning.

Community: The Bitcoin community is home to thousands of developers, technologists, designers, users, HODLers and enthusiasts.

A thriving community stimulates creativity, spurs innovation, and facilitates knowledge sharing - all crucial ingredients for the technological renaissance within the Bitcoin and Lightning ecosystem. We have designed PlebBook, with the belief in the power of community. 

  • Co-working Spaces: Engage with like-minded builders, share ideas, and innovate in digital co-working spaces.
  • Hackerspaces: Put your skills to the test and explore new challenges in vibrant hackerspaces the greater Bitcoin and Lightning community put together.
  • Community Hubs: Connect with community hubs for broader outreach and meaningful interactions.
  • BitDevs Socratic Meetups: Participate in BitDevs Socratic meetups, where you can discuss, debate, and delve into the technical aspects of Bitcoin and Lightning.
  • Online Meetings & Discussions: Can't make it in person? No worries, join online meetings and discussions to stay in the loop.
  • Other Technical Meetups: Expand your knowledge base and network in other technical meetups.

Stay informed and connected by following influential developers reshaping Bitcoin and Lightning's landscape. Their journeys might inspire your own.

Earning Opportunities

Are you already building on Bitcoin and Lightning, or harbor aspirations to do so? Companies are on the lookout for technically talented individuals like you. Perhaps you have a unique idea and need financial backing? Grants could be your stepping-stone to bring your innovative project to life.

Explore resources on:

  • Jobs: Find lucrative job opportunities in the Bitcoin and Lightning development.
  • Grants & Donations: Discover grants that can give your projects the financial boost they need.
  • Venture Capital: Contact venture capitalists interested in innovative projects like yours.
  • Accelerators: Speed up your journey to success with Bitcoin-only startup accelerators.
  • Bounties: Participate in bounties and earn while solving exciting challenges.
  • Hackathons: Put your skills to the ultimate test in hackathons online and in person.
Education: Never Stop Learning

Engage with the vast collection of educational resources designed to hone your skills:

  • DevConfs: Attend Developer Conferences and learn from industry experts.
  • Technical Books: Dive deep into the world of Bitcoin and Lightning with technical books.
  • Workshops & Courses: Enroll in workshops and courses for hands-on learning experiences.
Learn by Coding

True to the ethos of Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS), this platform bursts with compelling content and invaluable resources, meticulously curated to foster a practical, hands-on learning experience. Dive in and witness your coding skills soar to new heights.

Get your hands on a plethora of resources, including:

  • Documentation & Guides: Easy-to-follow guides and comprehensive documentation to kickstart your journey.
  • Libraries: Access to code libraries to help you build more efficiently.
  • APIs: Get to grips with APIs to streamline your development process.
  • Kits: Equip yourself with kits tailored to your specific needs.
  • Nodes: Understand and implement nodes to facilitate your Bitcoin and Lightning transactions.
  • Wallets: Learn about Bitcoin and Lightning wallets for secure and hassle-free transactions.
  • Other Tools: Explore other tools that can make your development process smoother.
Check out to contribute.
Contribute: Be a Part of Our Journey

We invite you to help us make PlebBook better. Your expertise can help improve the platform and, in turn, assist countless future Bitcoin and Lightning developers in getting into the ecosystem for the first time. Spot any mistakes? Have suggestions for improvement? Got new opportunities to help Bitcoin developers? Contribute!

Join us in our mission to create an accessible and inclusive platform for Bitcoin and Lightning builders.

Car González

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