Car González
November 17, 2022

⚡🔑 Zaprite Empowers Bitcoiners With Massive Updates

John has hit the ground running this month. He has some massive updates to Zaprite that are complete.

1) Added Lightning paymentsThis enables users to connect their own node (Umbrel, MyNode, etc.) using LNbits and enable self-custody Lightning payments for Zaprite invoices. A guide on how to connect your node will be released in a Blog post soon, but if you're eager to try it out feel free to drop Zaprite a DM on Twitter (@ZapriteApp) for a walk-through.

Zaprite has dropped passwords. New Passwordless sign-up and login are now live.

2) Added passwordless authenticationThe allows users to sign-up and login using an email magic link, removing the need to generate or save a password. This reduces the friction for onboarding and accessing the app.

John also recently went on the Bitcoin is Hard podcast with Brian Harrington to discuss Zaprite and why he built it.

Car González

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