Keep up to date on the research we have done on the Bitcoin Projects inside of Pleb Lab.

Bitcoin Dev Shop Joins ⚡PlebLab

Bitcoin Dev Shop have created a suite of projectsPlebLab introduces its newest member. The bitcoin and lightning dev behind Bitcoin Dev Shop: Tony Giorgio brings his programming, research, and consulting talents to PlebLab.

⚡PlebLab Continues to Pump Out Weekly Dev Workshops

Last week, ⚡Bitcoin developer Topher Scott (@btctechsupport) hosted the 4th ⚡PlebLab Bitcoin developer workshop - Demystifying The Bitcoin White Paper. “Demystifying the bitcoin white paper,” workshop by @btctechsupport 💻 Today at the lab we

⚡PlebLab Relocates + Open House

⚡PlebLab upgrades to a new office space off 6th Street in Austin. PlebLab hosts open house during BitBlockBoom Week to celebrate, and showcase the new labratory. Plus Live Stream fundraiser for @Hodlonaut. It